2018 Ford Mustang Gets Some New Styling, Loses V6

We’ve been seeing quite a few refreshed models from Ford lately, among them the new Escape, Explorer, and F-150. All three of these models are respective leaders in their respective classes, which is something they have in common with the most recently updated Blue Oval model: the 2018 Mustang.

Although the Mustang we know and love was only launched four years ago, that’s half an automotive life cycle, making it due time for Ford to introduce some tweaks. Among these is a slightly lowered nose to improve the visual profile and aerodynamics, the axing of the V6 engine option, and fine tuned four-cylinder and V8 engines. There’s also a new option called “MyMode,” which saves your steering and suspension tuning settings.

Set to arrive this fall, we expect more drivers to fall in love with the Mustang than ever before. To learn why, why not stop by our Ford dealership in Helena, MT and test drive the current model? Contact us if you have any questions.

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