A Few Tips to Help Prevent Motion Sickness

The people at Helena Ford Lincoln love cars and love riding in them, but we also know some people suffer from motion sickness. The following are a few tips to prevent this issue so that you can enjoy riding the streets of Helena.

Tips to Consider
1. Limit your consumption of foods and drinks before traveling.
2. Avoid heavy foods, like fat-rich foods.
3. Try to stay away from odorous foods, which could make you feel nauseous.
4. Sit in the front of the car rather than the back.
5. Do not read when you are traveling.
6. Try to keep your gaze on a fixed point or on the horizon.
7. Keep fresh air flowing into the vehicle as much as possible.
8. Avoid talking about motion sickness.
9. Consider using prescriptions; some are available over the counter.
10. Make sure the car you are riding in has good shocks.

These are just some of the steps you can take to prevent motion sickness from occurring. Be sure to talk to your doctor as he or she may have additional suggestions for you.

A car ride shouldn't be something you dread, and taking some of these steps should help you find the joy some people feel when driving great-looking cars.



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