Is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire pressure monitoring systems reduce automobile crash fatalities by 120 and injuries by about 8,500 each year. Your vehicle's tire pressure light is important because it warns you when the pressure in your tires falls below the minimum acceptable standards. What causes your tire pressure light to illuminate? Let's find out below.

Tire punctures and extreme temperatures are a few reasons why your tire pressure light may illuminate. On cold mornings, your tire pressure light may come on because the overnight temperatures caused the pressure in the tires to drop. Once the tires heat up, the light will no longer illuminate. The hot temperatures in the summer can cause your tiers to over-inflate, which will also cause the tire pressure light to temporarily illuminate.

At Helena Ford Lincoln, our team strives to help our consumers keep their vehicles working properly. If your tire pressure light is illuminated, let one of our technicians check it out.



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