Which Fuel Will the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Use?

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon offers class-leading versatility in performance and seating configurations. Compatible with five different fuels, this full-size van runs smoothly on urban roads. The long EL wheelbase is available for maximum seating.

Displacing up to 3.7 L, a six-cylinder engine block is optional in this Ford van. Running on the conventional Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing, the naturally aspirated propulsion system produces up to 275 net horsepower. You can also extract 260 lb-ft of peak torque from this V6 engine that burns regular gasoline. If you purchase the optional Engine Prep Package from Helena Motors in Helena, MT, the Ti-VCT engine will readily burn compressed natural gas or propane. Do you want a powertrain that burns diesel? Select the 3.2 L Power Stroke engine block. Featuring five cylinders, this unique engine is also compatible with B20 fuel. No other vans in North America accept so many fuel options.

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