Classic Design With An Upgrade

The Ford Mustang offers a classic design that is similar to the first model that rolled off the showroom floor. With high power behind the wheel, you'll be able to experience the thrill that driving a sports car offers while still getting the handling that you need for navigating all types of curves in Helena.

When you visit Helena Ford Lincoln, you'll see that there are at least 18 different wheel designs to choose from depending on whether you want a sporty appearance or one that is a bit more luxurious. Several colors are available as well, some that are unique to the Mustang including orange and yellow.

RECARO racing seats are a premium detail in the Mustang. The instrument cluster is designed with 12 LED lights that are of various colors. The rear spoiler and the large hood vent set the Mustang apart from other vehicles on the road and also work together to decrease excess drag so that fuel efficiency isn't compromised.


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