The Ford Flex Makes Driving More Comfortable

Helena Ford Lincoln is the place where you can find the Ford Flex. The Flex is a larger SUV that has three-rows of seating. There is plenty of space for passengers, and the power-fold third-row gives you access to abundant cargo room. The Ford Flex has the features that you need for a comfortable driving and riding experience.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people to get in and out of an SUV. Some of them are very high off the ground. The Ford Flex is designed to make it easy to get in and out. The ground clearance of the Flex is 5.9 inches, so it is just a short distance from the ground into the vehicle.

The Ford Flex offers a multi-panel sunroof. This roof has four panels that allow those in all three rows to experience the sunshine. This feature opens up the vehicle giving it a more spacious feel.


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