The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon offers a lot of versatility, so you can take the family cross-country to the grandparents or transport a bunch of kids to and from activities. If you need a single vehicle that can handle your passenger or cargo carrying needs, you have to take a test drive in the Ford Transit today.

With the ample room provided by the Ford Transit, you can configure the seating as needed to fit your group's needs. Depending on the wheelbase and height, you can get setups for two, five, eight, 10, 12, 14, and 15 passengers. All seats come with integrates seat belts for safety.

Besides seat configuration, you also get the choice of roof height: low, medium, and high. Higher headroom makes it easier for people to enter and exit the vehicle. If you need a multi-passenger wagon, stop by Helena Ford Lincoln to test drive the Transit.



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