The Ford Fusion is a Top Performer

If you are looking for a family sedan that is roomy and sporty, you need to take a look at the Ford Fusions at Helena Ford Lincoln. The Ford Fusion can accommodate five adult passengers, and it provides the passengers with plenty of head and leg room. The performance features of the new Fusion are unmatched.

A top performance feature that you will find on the Fusion is intelligent all-wheel drive. This all-wheel drive system utilizes a series of sensors that monitors the vehicle's traction. The torque can be automatically balanced between the wheels in order to provide the Fusion with superior traction.

A major part of performance is efficiency, and the Ford Fusion's auto start and stop feature is efficient. When you stop at a stop sign, the engine will shut off to conserve fuel. When you take your foot off of the brake, the Fusion's engine starts back up.



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