When the roads are covered with ice, you can maximize your safety by knowing how to correct a slide, and we can help at Helena Ford Lincoln. Follow these tips that can help you get out of a slide when you're on an ice-covered road.

While it may be difficult to remain calm, if you panic, it can cause you to overcompensate. Overcorrecting during a slide can make it harder for you to manage the vehicle. Avoid hard braking during icy conditions because the brakes can trigger a slide or make it worse.

Oversteer and understeer are two types of slides that occur on ice. Oversteer is more common and happens when a vehicle fishtails because the rear has lost control. It's more common in rear-wheel drive vehicles, but it can also happen in front-wheel drive vehicles under the right conditions. To correct oversteer, refrain from using the brakes and try to turn into the slide.


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