Tire Research

Where others fear to tread is where we encourage our customers to go, so having the right tires is key to your adventures. What are the different types of tires, and more importantly, how integral are they to your driving experience? Here are some different types of tires and the advantages of each one so you can have the full scoop to know what it is that you're in need of for your vehicle. Knowing the size of your wheels is only part of the puzzle, so read up on the different types of tires we carry and discover for yourself how they improve your experience.

  • Summer Tires: These are for use on everyday roads in average conditions. Rain or dry, these tires are made to get you through your usual summertime travel, whether it's to the vacation spots you love to visit with family or around Helena, MT, running errands.
  • All-Season Tires: This set of tires are just like what they say: they are for all seasons. Though these tires are designed to get you through dry, wet, or snowy conditions, we recommend you still swap them out for winter tires when the temperatures drop. All-season tires are great as insurance in the event that the weather changes unexpectedly.
  • Winter Tires: Whether you opt for studded or non-studded, winter tires act the best in snowy conditions, providing the best traction when the weather takes a turn for the worse.
  • Performance Tire: This is a set of tires you want if your vehicle is a mean, lean, horsepower machine, because the tires are created to be tougher in order to withstand high-performance engines. If you have a 435 horsepower Ford Mustang, for example, then you'll want to use performance tires.

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